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Sports Massage Therapy 

Sports Massage Therapy can treat muscles, joints, ligaments or tendon injuries. Using different stretching, strengthening and mobilisation techniques on and around the affected area or areas within the treatment process. 

To benefit from this type of massage therapy, you do not need to be a sports person whether professional or amateur, it can be used in everyday life for the prevention, maintenance and mobility improvement or rehabilitation of injuries. 

Sports massage is recommended both pre and post sporting events such as races, matches etc with the aim to assist  in the individuals performance and muscle recovery following the event.  Regular maintenance sports/deep tissue massages are recommended to sports people to help sustain their fitness and assist in the prevention of injuries. 

Sport Massage Benefits
  • Improved circulation  
  • lymphatic drainage                                                           
  • Removal of toxins and lactic acid build up
  • Stimulation of nerve endings
  • Increased muscle tone and elasticity
  • Improved flexibility & joint movement
  • Promotes recovery after activity and following injuries
  • Stress relief 
  • Improvement of both physical and mental well-being

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